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Six romantic places to propose in Manchester

Move over Paris, there is a new city of love!

With a wealth of premium restaurants, beautiful architecture and picturesque waterscapes, Manchester is becoming one of the most romantic destinations to get engaged in.

Every bride dreams of their own unique proposal story, imagining that special moment where their world changes. Whether it is over an exceptional five-star dining experience, looking down upon a breathtaking skyline, or hidden away in a secret and romantic location; your proposal should be as spectacular as your love for one another.

Whichever location you choose to pop the question in, make sure that you have a beautiful ring to complete your special moment  As the leading diamond engagement ring specialists in Manchester, Hancocks has helped many couples create the perfect proposal by helping them choose their dream ring. Visit our Manchester store and arrange a consultation with one of our jewellery specialists today.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect ring, you’ll need to select the ideal location. Don’t worry, as we have compiled a list of the most romantic places in Manchester to say those four little words.

Cloud 23

Enjoy breathtaking views from the 23rd floor of one of Manchester’s most iconic buildings, the Hilton. Sip on a luxurious champagne cocktail while gazing down at the dynamic view below, day or night. The bustling city centre creates a contrast to the serene and tranquil atmosphere up on Cloud 23.

Announce your love to the world in front of some of the most stunning views around.


The Town Hall

Step inside Manchester’s Town Hall at the heart of the city and you will find a venue immersed in history, charm and elegance. Regarded as some of the finest examples of neo-gothic architecture in the UK, the Town Hall has been one of the most iconic structures in Manchester since its completion in 1877. Choose this venue to propose in a unique and distinctive setting, where weddings have been held and romances have taken seed for years.



If you are looking for a showstopping proposal then don’t hesitate to book a table at one of the most fashionable restaurants in Manchester, Gauchos. Upon arrival you are treated like royalty as you enter into a world of luxury. Once used as a music hall, the huge organ is the centrepiece for lavish dining, while beautiful chandeliers and designer furnishings help create the perfect atmosphere for a feast of delicious Argentinian food and wine.

Follow the spiral staircase up to the private dining area, or book an entire room for yourselves to create an intimate engagement experience.

The French at the Midland Hotel

Providing an exquisite dining experience since 1930, the Midland Hotel has been home to some truly romantic restaurants. The French is no exception, as one of Britain’s first Michelin-starred restaurants, it is famous for crafting some of the most exciting and innovative menus around. Sip on the finest wines around as you work up the courage to ask your partner for their hand in marriage, surrounded by stunning antique decor, crystal chandeliers and beautiful baroque furnishings.

The Big Wheel

Does your love soar to great heights? Why not take a voyage on The Big Wheel of Manchester in Piccadilly Gardens and propose overlooking the amazing panoramic views of the city? Book a VIP capsule to ask those four little words in the company of champagne and luxury chocolates.


King Street

A truly unique place to propose is on one of Manchester’s most iconic streets, King Street. The classic design of the buildings and the elegant stores transport you to a different period in time found nowhere else in Manchester.

It’s no coincidence that Hancocks is based on King Street. Josiah Hancock recognised this prestigious road and chose it for his store in 1860. Designer shops and luxury department stores have since arrived, but it has remained the perfect location for Hancocks’ exquisite jewellery collection. If you haven’t already chosen your ring, get down on one knee and ask your partner those important words in front of the Hancocks store, then venture on inside and create the rest of your story today.