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Diamond Guide

The name of Hancocks has been synonymous with the art of fine jewellery for over 150 years. The passion for excellence and quality are the company’s objectives and Hancocks diamond ring buyers select stones that possess the finest qualities of the 4 c’s, to continue that aim. Our diamond guide will guide you through the cuts and marks of quality you expect from Hancocks.


The 4c’s – Four small letters but each one crucial in the selection of Hancocks diamonds.

Colour, Clarity, Cut, Carat weight.

Colour – Hancocks choose the highest diamond colours D, E, F and  G.  D to F are colourless, G is near colourless (termed rare white).

Clarity – The clarity scale determines the inclusions in the stone. Each diamond is handpicked, paying great attention to the clarity and we only choose stones that meet our exceptional Hancocks standard.

Cut – The unmounted stones are examined for their cut, proportions, polish and Symmetry, enabling the diamond buying team to continue the standard of excellence adhered to over the decades to ensure that only the finest quality stones are set into Hancocks exquisite pieces. We stock all the cuts of diamonds you could possibly ever need, each with its own unique beauty and style so there is always a perfect cut for every person.

Carat – We have one of the largest collection of diamond set pieces with a carat weight to suit every budget.


Fancy yellow diamonds have entranced stylish jewellery wearers over decades and became the favourite jewel of the legendary style icon the late Duchess of Windsor.

Hancocks source a selection of superb stones, and have created the North West’s most important and largest collection of the finest natural yellow diamonds.

The colour in the diamond is a natural phenomenon, created when the stone was formed millions of years ago. Fancy yellow diamonds occur in a  range of shades.  Hancocks have acquired the most desirable and rarest of these, Fancy intense and Fancy vivid, these gems are alive with radiating deep yellow and golden tones.

Hancocks designers  have created a desirable array of yellow diamonds highlighted with white diamonds in their new collection  of  earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings that will be heirlooms of future generations.


All Hancocks certificated  diamonds are issued with a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or HRD (the Diamond High Council – Hoge Raad voor Diamant) certificate.