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Georg Jensen

Inspired by an enchanting mix of natural beauty fused with contemporary Scandinavian culture, Georg Jensen’s modern designs entwine themselves around timeless luxury foundations with a flare of artistry that resonates through this stunning original collection.

Georg Jensen is an iconic Danish silver and gold jewellery brand, with striking designs covering the entire style spectrum from delicate floral shapes to strong contemporary lines. Georg Jensen appeals to all ages, and as family traditions form, they become the perfect heirloom to pass on to the next generation. With varied prices to suit all shopping budgets and occasions, we are sure that you’ll find the perfect piece for that special gift, whether you are looking to spoil a loved one or just want to give someone a token of affection.

As the largest retailer of Georg Jensen jewellery in the UK, we have a plethora of unique Jensen pieces. With free delivery on all products, there is no better reason to discover a new treasure today.

Jensen was born and grew up in Raadvad, Denmark. He went on to becoming a connoisseur in the world of jewellery and even today his vintage style and unique flare embody each and every piece
The pieces designed by Georg Jensen are a timeless Scandinavian style, elegant yet bold.