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Paris Chic: The 3 Must Have Jewellery Trends 2024

Eiffel tower with cherry blossom trees in foreground

As the world turns its gaze to Paris for the upcoming Olympics, there’s no better time to celebrate the city’s iconic fashion scene. Paris is synonymous with elegance, sophistication, and a certain je ne sais quoi that sets its fashion apart. Just look at all the luxury designers that began in Paris, from Hermès to Chanel. There is no doubt that this vibrant city sets the trends each and every year.

Parisian chic is all about achieving a sophisticated look with minimal effort. Picture a classic trench coat, a white blouse, and tailored trousers. To elevate this ensemble, pair it with our stunning diamond cluster stud earrings or cushion shaped cluster pendant for an added sparkle. These jewellery pieces add a touch of luxury without overpowering the simplicity that defines Parisian style.

In honour of this grand event, we’re exploring how to incorporate Parisian chic into your wardrobe. Presenting our top 3 must have Paris fashion trends and how to style them.

How to Style an Oversized Blazer

An oversized blazer is a staple for your wardrobe and is certainly Parisian-approved. These blazers instantly elevate any outfit, whether it’s a little black dress for a night out or leggings and a top for running errands. The great thing about blazers is that they never go out of style. So, you can rest assured that a good-quality blazer will hold its style and value over time.

Styling your blazer is very simple. Since they take centre stage, you’ll want to accentuate your look with jewellery that isn’t too bold. We recommend a pair of small gold hoop earrings or studs and a matching gold necklace with a black blazer. There is something so elegant about the pairing of black and gold. Take a look at our Pear Shaped Diamond Cluster Studs and matching yellow gold pendant for inspiration. To accentuate your look even further, why not style your hair in a sleek bun to let your earrings truly capture the light?

How to Style Straight Leg Denim Jeans

Every French woman Is bound to have a pair of straight leg denim jeans in their wardrobe. Like a blazer, denim jeans can be moulded to suit any occasion and they ALWAYS look classy. For a daytime look, try pairing your jeans with a chunky knit and trainers. To accessorise, take a look at our classic gold pearl studs and yellow gold line bracelet for a subtle look. For the evening, jeans and a nice top is always the go to! Pair your look with heeled mules and accessorise with diamonds, and more diamonds! Our white gold necklet and diamond drop earrings are the perfect finishing touch to steal the show and leave you feeling like a million dollars (or pounds in our case!)

How to Style a Statement Accessory

From Chanel brooches to satin shawls, the French know that a statement accessory can instantly elevate your outfit from plain to chic. Whether you want to add a touch of elegance to your daytime ensemble or make a bold statement with your evening look, accessories are the perfect solution. Take our pink sapphire and diamond brooch, for example. This added sparkle would bring an extra level of glamour to an all-white outfit. For an everyday accessory, our Vivianna bangle watch is the perfect blend of bracelet and watch. Pair this watch with a blazer and jeans for effortless sophistication. With the beautiful craftsmanship of this watch, you can rest assured that you’re wearing a one-of-a-kind piece.

As we celebrate the upcoming Olympics and the timeless elegance of Paris’s fashion trends, now is the perfect time to incorporate some Parisian chic into your wardrobe. From the classic oversized blazer to versatile straight-leg denim jeans and statement accessories, Parisian style is all about effortless sophistication and timeless elegance.

At Hancocks Jewellers, our exquisite jewellery pieces are designed to elevate these fashion staples, adding a touch of luxury to every look. Be sure to make an appointment to elevate your looks with Hancocks Jewellers today.