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How Wedding Rings Work

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And everything else you’ve always wanted to know!

Wedding Rings are often overlooked in the battle against engagement rings and wedding plans. However, shopping for your wedding ring can be one of the most intimate moments in the run-up to your wedding, and that’s because you’re doing it together. Shopping for your wedding rings as a couple might be your last date before you tie the knot, so make it a day to remember! Will you go for matching rings or choose rings that match your individual personality? No matter your style, you want to get it right. It’s no secret that your wedding ring is the ultimate symbol of an everlasting bond. But the questions remain, how do wedding rings work? When do you wear them? Which hand do you wear them on? Today, we will decode all your wedding ring queries, so you and your fiancé can wear your wedding rings with confidence!

Matching Wedding Rings: To Match or Not to Match

Choosing the style of your wedding ring can be a tough decision. You have two options: opt for matching rings or go for unique ones. There are two key factors to consider while making this choice – the symbolism and your personal style. If you value unity and commitment, then matching rings might be the perfect choice for you and your partner. However, if you both have different personal styles, then it might be best to opt for unique rings. Remember that your wedding ring represents your love and commitment, and you will wear it for a lifetime. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a style that you both love and cherish. Check out our wedding ring collection and pick a style that suits you!

Left, or right? Decoding The Correct Hand for Wearing Wedding Rings

Typically, individuals wear their wedding ring on the fourth finger of their left hand. This romantic tradition dates back to Ancient Egypt as this is the only finger that has a vein that travels directly to the heart. What better way to commemorate your everlasting love than with a direct link to your heart? However, it is important to note that there is no definitive rule about which hand or finger to wear your wedding ring on. Many people opt for the finger that feels most comfortable to them. Ultimately, the decision is entirely up to the wearer, as there are no legal restrictions on which finger to choose.

Wedding Ring Etiquette: When to Wear, When to Remove

This question is entirely an individual preference. Many people always wear their rings to remind them of their everlasting bond. On the other hand, others only wear their wedding ring occasionally to save it from tarnishing or being lost. Whether you choose to wear your ring constantly or every now and then is your choice, but we recommend removing your wedding ring when participating in activities that could potentially result in your ring being damaged.

From Engagement to Marriage: The Transition of Wedding Rings

The exchange of rings during a wedding is a precious moment that symbolizes the growth of your love story. If you’re unsure about what to do with your engagement ring on your wedding day, don’t worry! We have many solutions that will ensure its safekeeping whilst you receive your wedding ring. One option would be to entrust your engagement ring to a trustworthy family member to keep during the ceremony. Alternatively, you could move your engagement ring to a different finger while exchanging rings. Either way, be assured that by the end of the ceremony, you can wear your two rings together with peace of mind. To make the transition even more seamless, our wedding rings all have a flush fit setting, meaning you don’t need to worry about any gaps between your engagement and wedding ring!