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5 styles that will shape the 2015 luxury jewellery market

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The latest trends for 2015

2014 was another exceptional year for luxury jewellery, with many new pieces pushing the boundaries of fashion to create something truly spectacular, yet wearable.

As we begin 2015, what better time to look towards the fabulous jewellery trends that will be shaping the year ahead?

Vintage-inspired jewellery

Although not strictly a new trend, 2015 is going to be a huge year for vintage jewellery. The revival of dazzling gemstones, gorgeous gold bands and classically-unique shapes make vintage-inspired items enviable treasures that must be added to your collection.

Imagine pieces with a romantic twist, vintage-inspired items that possess an opulent grace about them, which have the power to instantly create a sophisticated look. We recommend this gorgeous pendant, the pear cut emerald is the ultimate vintage treasure with depths of rich iridescent colour. While the yellow gold claw is perfectly complemented by a dazzling pear cut diamond.

Marsala colours

Pantone’s colour of the year for 2015 is ‘Marsala’, which is a somewhat divisive choice. Whether you’re a fan of this terracotta-like hue or not, there’s no doubt that reds and pinks are in this year.

This ruby and diamond ring perfectly represents the spirit of Marsala with a deeper vibrant oval cut ruby gemstone, contrasted by two stunning oval cut white diamonds. It’s the ideal way to integrate the colour of the year into every aspect of your wardrobe.

Rose gold

For years gold, platinum and silver have dominated the jewellery world but this all changed when rose gold was brought into existence. The beautiful hybrid really grew in popularity last year, but has noticeably steered away from entering the luxury wedding and engagement ring market.

However, we predict this type of jewellery to be used more frequently at weddings in 2015. Who said that diamond rings had to be made from platinum or gold? This outstanding 18ct rose gold brilliant cut diamond encrusted ring proves that modern style and luxury can go hand in hand.

Less is more

It’s easy to go overboard with extravagant gems and statement pieces, after all, who doesn’t like beautiful jewellery? But in 2015, expect to see a lot less dazzle and a lot more sophistication from the jewellery world.

This stunning diamond engagement ring is the ultimate example of less is more. This simple but classic platinum claw setting would make the ideal accompaniment to brighten up any bare hand. The unique pear shape of the glittering diamond adds a bespoke twist on another traditional piece.
Hancocks is home to some of the finest diamond rings Manchester has to offer, so you’re sure to find something elegant and understated in our store.


Showcased on high-end designer catwalks, Fusion is going to be a key influence in the luxury jewellery world this year. Seamlessly blending one culture into another, Fusion takes inspiration from countries all over the globe to create a vibrant new style. Imagine the glamour of gold contrasted with the spectacular jewels inspired by colours from South America.

Fusion isn’t solely restricted to mixing cultures, it involves merging different styles into one another. This unique set of earclips captures the Fusion trend perfectly, with swirls of brilliant cut diamonds meeting 18ct gold curves to create a luxury geometric look.