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Why diamond rings are not the sole preserve of soon-to-weds

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If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, why must women wait all their life to receive only one?

A diamond ring isn’t just a symbol of engagement, it can be the ultimate style statement, a celebration of life or simply a decadent gift for a loved one. An undeniable touch of elegance that would beautifully complement any outfit, diamond accessories should be found in every women’s jewellery box.

At Hancocks, we have some of the finest diamond rings Manchester has to offer, including gorgeous coloured stones that boast brilliant fire and vibrant hues. Mounted on platinum or yellow and white gold bands, these opulent accessories embody true luxury. Posing an alternative to clear diamonds, these could be the perfect way to let diamonds infiltrate their way into your everyday wear.

From yellow diamonds to lush green emeralds, you’ll be able to find that perfect flash of colour to break up your outfit.

Breaking traditions

Diamonds might be forever, but the traditions surrounding the marriage finger and typical ring styles isn’t so. Much like an engagement ring doesn’t have to display a diamond, a diamond ring doesn’t have to symbolise those four little words.

Once upon a time you would have been looked at very strangely for wearing even a costume ring on your engagement finger. Accusations of fashion imposing on the sanctity of marriage seems not to have put women off in recent years, with plenty of women even replacing marital jewellery, for one night only, in a bid to wear accessories that better suit their outfit.

As long as you’re comfortable with what your accessories stand for, why must it matter?

The ultimate accessory

A flawless way to accessorise that really does look good with any outfit, it’s easy to see why diamonds have stood the test of time. Gently glittering from behind your hair, around your neck or wrist; they add the perfect touch of sparkle that catches the eyes of onlookers.

One glance at these stunning jewels shows everyone your fashion prowess. Anyone can wear designer clothing and follow trends, but it takes a special someone to go off the beaten path with their own style. A diamond is an unexpected addition to even the most glamourous outfit, many may lust after them, but plenty will never have their own. Adorning yourself with these precious gemstones will show others a personal insight into your style and personality.

Whether you receive a diamond ring as a gift or purchase one as a decadent present for yourself, you’ll be able to attach your own meaning to your new precious possession.

That’s the beauty of jewellery, isn’t it? It takes hold of our sacred memories and stands for our own personal meanings. Who gave you the jewellery, who it reminds you of, what era the style comes from – it all forms the character of your jewellery that you’ll be able to sense every time you wear it.

If you’re looking for that extra sparkle as a gift or for yourself, take a look at our gorgeous collection today.