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Ruby Rings

Capture the romance and excitement of one of life’s most precious moments with this exquisite collection of ruby rings. This rare and precious stone, with its rich vibrant red colour is the epitome of romance, making it a captivating choice as an engagement ring or a ring to celebrate that special anniversary.

You’ve got over the hurdle of finding the right ring, but now you need to make sure it fits!

We have a ring size guide that explains how ring sizing works and should help you find the right size for your significant other.

However, if it still doesn’t fit when you pop the question, you can visit our Manchester store to get it resized or even exchange the ring if you’d prefer!

At Hancocks Jewellers, you can take your jewellery home the very same day! The jewellery that you see in our Manchester store is what you will take home.

This way, you can start the next chapter of your love story sooner rather than later.

Carrying an expensive item can be nerve-wracking wherever you are. An engagement ring should be hidden anyway if you are yet to propose!

Still, we advise you to be sensible when out and about with your engagement ring – for example, keep your Hancocks Jewellers bag hidden inside a backpack or another shopping bag for safety.

Here at Hancocks Jewellers, we house a wide selection of engagement rings in various cuts, styles, and colours.

When you visit our Manchester store, the jewellery you see is what you will take home with you. This way, you can be sure the piece you choose is as perfect as you’d envisioned!

With a Mohs hardness of 9 (second only to diamonds), rubies are definitely durable. This makes them the perfect gemstone ring choice if you’re wanting to wear your ring ever day. However, with all jewellery it is essential to take great care when going about your day to day activities.
Rubies are the birthstone for those born in July. This stones bold red colour embodies love, energy, and passion, making it a fitting symbol for individuals born in the heart of summer. For in depth information on the meaning of red rubies, be sure to check out our blog here.
Rubies can come in a variety of beautiful shades, from deep red to red with purple or orange tones. All of our rubies at Hancocks Jewellers are the finest of colour embodying a deep, rich hue. Explore our elegant range of red beauties here.

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