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Put a Ring On It- A Brief History of the Wedding Ring

rose gold wedding band

Such huge spiritual and sentimental importance is attached to a very small object, the wedding ring is a lasting symbol of your commitment to love and honour each other for always.

Evident for all to see on your wonderful wedding day, an everlasting token of your commitment, lasting long after the dress, flowers and cake have been long forgotten.

The First Wedding Rings

Many cultures share similar beliefs about this never-ending circle representing an unbroken promise of love and commitment. The ancient Egyptians believed in the Vena Amoris, a “vein of love” running directly to the heart from the fourth finger on the left hand. This sentimental theory has been adopted by many western cultures for engagement and wedding rings and it is now traditionally called the “ring finger”.

In earlier Roman times their rings were made of simple iron and often engrave with personal inscriptions. It is not until the Medieval period that gold and gemstones were introduced. There are many Shakespearean references to exchanging posy rings of silver or gold in his lines of poetry. The warm and classic appearance of yellow gold is often associated with great wealth and stability, making it the perfect alloy for a wedding band.

Make a statement of your love to the world with this ultimate partnership to wear and cherish. Choose from a single row of brilliant cut diamonds, mounted in an attractive, modern platinum castle setting. The slim fitting assures that it compliments your engagement ring without outshining its beauty.  Or a sleek and refined plain wedding ring that is the perfect was to celebrate the start of your life together.

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The First Engagement Rings


Historians agree that the first engagement ring was given to Mary Duchess of Burgundy in 1477 by Archduke Maximilian, the Holy Roman Emperor. A simple gold ring with the letter M picked out in diamonds, and so started another very important tradition much love and carried on by the Victorians.

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luxe magazineThis stunning platinum ruby and diamond ring chosen for it rich vibrant red colour, this birth stone for July is associated with good health and prosperity. The oval diamond side stones add sophistication to this classic design.

ruby and diamond-three-stone-engagement-ringThe most coveted and powerful gem is the indestructible diamond. Yellow diamonds have been prized over the centuries, each one a unique rarity. Its radiant golden tones, intense and vivid are the most desirable and a perfect way to celebrate your love.
The traditional rhyme, Something old, something, new something borrowed, Something Blue has great importance with in the marriage ceremony  read more about these traditions

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