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Colour is the Watch Word for Jewellery This Summer

white gold multi gemstone bracelet with diamonds HC 100719 3

New Summers Arrivals 2019

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We are excited to show you our latest collection, full of colourful gemstones to complement any summer outfit. This colourful and beautiful bracelet set with Green Aquamarine, Blue topaz, Citrine and Amethyst, is a rainbow treasure trove that will draw attention whatever the wearers mood.

New Rings

A fantastic collection a diamond dress rings, yellow, rose, white trilogy of tones, complimenting lively diamonds in whichever setting you decide is for you. Be it claws or spectacle rims, they are pieces for bringing pleasure.


Pearl and Diamond

Fine quality pearls have a beauty that can not be rivalled. A chain of rose gold, the colour of summer, highlighted with classic white and dusk-grey pearls with glittering diamonds to complete the effect.

Pink Diamonds

Another exciting colour for diamonds is pink. A constellation of small pink toned diamonds set as a sparkling oval cluster ring, within a diamond halo. A touch of seasonal luxury.


A new gemstone for us, russelilte, its vivid green colour makes it perfect for statement pieces like this halo set pendant. Named after the mineralogist Sir Arthur Russell, the intrepid quest for such stones begins in the Siberian snows. Where a narrow time limit exists to mine before they are encased again in frozen depths for another winter.