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The Organic and Sensual Mercy Collection by Georg Jensen

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Organic and fluid, the Mercy collection from Jacqueline Rabun wraps softley around the body, serving as an emotional reminder to always stay compassionate towards others. The fluid shape of the jewellery symbolises the way life transforms and evolves through our experiences.


Jacqueline Rabun is one of the leading figures in modern jewellery design and her work is full of symbolism and emotion. Born  in the USA she believes that jewellery should reflect the inner feelings and experiences of the wearer as well as enhancing the outside. Her work is beautiful, thought-provoking and above all timeless. The name “Mercy” refers to how she believes we should always strive to meet others in life- by showing mercy, patience and compassion.

The pieces can be styled in various ways, playing with different combinations to mix the collection in to your own life. Long Mercy drop earrings, an organic swoop of sterling silver flows effortlessly through the wearers ear to give a dynamic, stylish and totally on trend look for today’s modern wearer. Combined with the swirls of the brightest, highly polished sterling silver from these Mercy earstuds, worn together with such effect.


A real head turning pieces and an intrinsic piece of the new Mercy jewellery collection.This neck ring has been created for the most discerning Georg Jensen wearer and collector to wear and enjoy, the easy and simple design fits sideways on the neck .


Soft, gentle, feminine curves billow and flow symbolising the way that life twists and turns to define us this pair of ear studs have been crafted by hand to create a masterpiece of style and design with the ultimate timeless image.

A sculptural arc of the brightest polished sterling silver used to create this pendant which is suspended beneath a classic chain to allow it to gracefully flow and ebb with the wearers movements.

A ribbon of satin gently curved and sensuous sterling silver wends its way around the wearers wrist culminating in an open ended contemporary yet classic Mercy bangle.