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The Perfect Pearl Jewellery

South Sea Pearls

Hancocks Jewellers are a premier bespoke jewellery location in Manchester. Hancocks opened over a hundred years ago to supply the UK with beautiful handcrafted jewellery. Among their fine jewellery collection are a number of white diamond pieces, rubies, sapphires, and pearls.

While diamonds are considered to be the stone of love and rare, the pearl is even rarer. A pearl comes into fruition through clams, which means one has to scuba dive to find these rare gems in locations where clams are prevalent. The idea of a pearl necklace, bracelet, or ring enlivens most women’s imagination. They require specific styles of clothing to bring about the elegance the pearls bring.

Hancocks Jewellers offers one diamond pendant called the South Sea Pearl and Diamond Pendant. This white diamond pendant offers 18 carats of white gold with Tahitian grey pearl and .68 carats of diamonds. The sophistication this piece will bring to an evening at the theatre or other event is definitely worth obtaining the item.
If one pearl is not elegant enough for you consider the single row South Sea Grey Pearl Necklace. This necklace is all about the pearls with 35 graduated pearls from Tahiti and 18 carat gold and diamonds for the clasp. There is no string of pearls like the South Sea necklace at Hancocks Jewellers.

There is another string of pearls you may choose from at Hancocks. This necklace is gold and white South Sea Pearls. There are 33 gold balls and pearls to make up the string. This exceptional piece works well with weddings if you need something a little more stylish for your dress.

For those who are more traditional in their love of diamonds Hancocks Jewellers offers many exceptional necklaces and pendants made with white diamonds. The 18 carat white gold pendant with 2.09 carat pear shaped diamond is just one suggestion for someone needing more than just pearls. Hancocks Jewellers have designers working for their company to ensure every piece you are interested in has been crafted with care and to your needs. Hancocks Jewellers offers the perfect pearl jewellery!