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Manchester – The true capital of diamonds?

When you drop down on one knee to pop the big question, your chosen engagement ring says everything for you.

That unmistakable sparkle shows your true lifelong commitment to your partner, but it also shows your affection to their family, friends and any onlookers – so the pressure really is on to get it all right!

It’s not just the friends and family though, a survey conducted by Voxpopuk found that 28% of women would turn down a proposal if they didn’t like the ring. Now that’s daunting.

From the size, cut and colour of the diamond, to the precious metal you choose to mount it on; inevitably it all makes a difference. You need to take care of the finer details to make sure the engagement ring you choose meets expectations.

So where on earth do you start?

When you think of the search for the ultimate engagement ring, two major cities may come to mind, London and Birmingham. Notorious for glamorous shopping districts and their historical influence on the fashion industry (the latter’s Jewellery Quarter is iconic); these cities may once have been considered as the first port of call for diamond engagement rings. However, as times have changed and the market has expanded, new destinations are showing off their creative flare.

For a completely unique piece, you should visit the up-and-coming capital of diamonds – Manchester.

Manchester’s timeless stamp on fashion

Amongst the cobbles is a proud city that has been causing a stir in both the fashion and wedding industries of late.

With beautiful venues for your big day, diamond retailers that have been trusted for generations and chic bars for you to gather friends and family to make your announcement together; this stunning city offers everything you need, from proposal to wedding day.

Cities that have a reputation for engagement and wedding services usually have so much on offer that it’s hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. Manchester on the other hand provides luxury that cannot be replicated.

A short walk from the city centre, Hancocks is based on King Street, an area highly regarded for luxury fashion. We pride ourselves on offering the finest engagement rings Manchesterhas to offer and champion our city as the true capital of diamonds in the UK. Our collection of fancy yellow diamonds in particular is internationally recognised, and present you with an unexpected alternative to classic clear diamonds.

We’ve watched Manchester go from strength to strength over the years and that’s why we’ve stayed here exclusively.


Looking for something different?

It all began with Manchester’s practical production of cotton, and now our contribution to the economy has blossomed into a more creative application of fashion. You won’t find anywhere else as unique as Manchester. We celebrate our local creativity and nurture our talented designers to create a strong network of fashionistas who will shape tomorrow’s industry.

From the individualism displayed in the Northern Quarter to the more established fashion figures of King Street, Manchester has built a solid reputation in the luxury fashion world.
There’s an ongoing debate as to whether Manchester has now overtaken Birmingham as England’s official “Second City”, and you can probably guess where we stand on this. So why not expand your search for the perfect engagement ring and visit us today?