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Diamonds for Every Occassion


Diamonds for Every Occasion

We all agree that diamonds are the most simple yet beautiful and elegant of all precious stones.

Finding a perfectly cut diamond with excellent clarity is an exciting moment. They’re a timeless, classic stone and are the perfect gift for a loved one, or even a gift to treat yourself.

Whatever the event, whatever the age of recipient, there is a diamond that fits. It’s just a case of thinking carefully and looking at options to suit you and your needs. Luckily, that’s where our expertise and the great selection we have in the King Street store come in.

Read on to see some of our choices for diamond jewellery, in different settings. From stand-alone diamonds and everyday elegance to playing a supporting role in more dramatic pieces, diamonds really are the stone.

An Elegant Engagement Ring

A diamond very often needs little more than a simple band to truly shine. This is the best way to highlight the colour, cut, clarity and carat of your chosen ring. And with a ring like this, you’re not only making someone extremely happy but a wise investment too, as diamonds of high colour and clarity will always retain more of their value.

This 3-stone ring with a platinum setting is the ultimate diamond engagement ring. 

certificated oval cut diamond 3 stone ring in platinum HA 12

A Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

Working in a supporting role rather than being the star of the show, these two diamonds perfectly complete this ring. They frame the sapphire wonderfully and add to the effect by reflecting the same pear cut as the sapphire and working to make the blue shine even more brightly. It’s a lovely modern take on a simple diamond ring. 

Diamond Bracelet

For a different look, a bracelet can be a lovely choice. It’s a way to add a lot of sparkle to any outfit and can be dressed up or down. It can also work with many different events and engagements, without needing to be wedding related. Offering effortless elegance, this bracelet is a classic piece that can become part of your everyday jewellery collection. 

Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Again, the diamonds here play a supporting role and set off the pearls in these beautiful drop earrings. Classic but beautiful and bold, they really do need to be seen in person to fully appreciate them. The colour of the pearl is also a great match for many different colours, meaning they are something you’ll be able to wear time and again. 

Diamond Pendant

A beautiful piece that, similar to the bracelet, can be worn daily and become part of your everyday jewellery. This diamond pendant in a white-gold claw setting is beautiful without being too flashy or dramatic. A simple piece like this adds a touch of elegance to your everyday. 


Ruby and Diamond Cluster Pendant

For a more dramatic neckline, this stunning ruby and diamond pendant really is very special.

If you’re looking for something that adds glamour to an evening event, this is pure elegance and equally dramatic with the deep red of the ruby shining through in the middle. It’s something to cherish and wear to stand out at your evening events.