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Birthstone of April: The History, Facts and Recommended Gifts


Birthstone of April: The History, Facts and Recommended Gifts

Diamonds have been prized for centuries and are often seen as a symbol of love and commitment. They are the birthstone of April, and according to ancient mythology, diamonds were created when bolts of lightning struck carbon-rich earth. Diamonds come in a variety of colours, but the most popular is the classic white diamond. Here at Hancocks Jewellers, we have an exquisite range of diamonds that would make the perfect gift for any occasion!


According to ancient folklore, diamonds have the power to ward off evil and protect the wearer from harm. They are also said to bring clarity of thought and help balance emotions. Whether you believe in the myths or not, there is no denying that diamonds are beautiful and special stones!


If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone born in April, why not consider –


Brilliant Cut Diamond Bangle in 18ct Gold

A single row of brilliant-cut diamonds, each stone set in a secure claw setting, adorns this gorgeous bracelet. This mystical bangle is made up of 18ct gold, past, present and future intertwined to create an enchanted talisman. It keeps its promise as a precious gift of love when clasped around the wrist.

Frame Set Brilliant Cut Diamond Cluster Ring

This lovely diamond ring has a vintage feel to it. A single, GIA-certified 0.30ct brilliant cut diamond is framed by a mountainside faceted colourless gemstone and surrounded by 0.48ct of brilliant cuts with a fine claw setting in platinum. An example of perfection, adorned with a line of brilliant cut

The curved setting of this ingenious design allows any of Hancocks wedding bands to sit flush.

Platinum Emerald and Diamond 3-Stone Ring

This beautiful oval cut emerald set with 2 brilliant cut diamonds, each held in a secure platinum 4-claw setting with plain tapered shank offers an understated elegance. Because of the cleaver design, this ring may be worn next to any Hancocks wedding band.

Platinum Claw Set Brilliant Cut Diamond Studs

A pair of superbly matched brilliant cut diamond stud earrings set in a platinum 4-claw setting with post and butterfly fixtures. These exquisite white diamonds, which are one of nature’s anomalies, radiate their opulent warmth to the viewer.

Brilliant Cut Diamond Line Necklet

The brilliant cut diamond necklet is a 12.43ct diamond necklet with a stunning line of excellent brilliant-cut diamonds set in a distinctive, beautiful 18ct white gold 3-claw setting.

This treasure will put the proud owner above the crowd of admirers. To accentuate the bright hue of a natural fancy brilliant cut diamond.


18ct Gold Diamond Moonlight Grapes Pendant

This exquisite pendant resembles a bunch of grapes, and it’s made out of 18ct yellow gold beads that are asymmetrically gathered together in an organic design emphasized by diamonds. It’s a piece that looks great with any outfit.

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