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Bespoke White Diamond Jewellery at Hancocks Jewellers

Heart shaped diamond ring

Hancocks Jewellers have been in business since 1860. Hancocks provides an array of bespoke white diamond jewellery to their clientele. Their store is located in the heart of Manchester and also available to peruse online. The fine jewellery Hancocks presents in their cases has been handcrafted by some of the best jewellery designers in the field to create high quality pieces you can hold onto for eternity.

Hancocks Jewellers offers diamond rings, diamond necklaces, diamond earrings, diamond bracelets, white diamond pendants, diamond wedding and engagement rings, and white diamond eternity rings. These finely crafted white diamond creations are designed as sets and single pieces.
One superb creation is the platinum single stone ring set. This set offers a heart shaped diamond in a 3 claw setting at 1.38 carats. The heart shaped white diamond is just one design the jewellery designers will fashion at Hancocks Jewellers.
Other sets or single pieces will be in a baguette, pear shape, princess or marquis cut. The cut of the diamonds in the setting will speak about its brilliance and its clarity. Diamonds are cut to lessen the inclusions one finds to enhance the brilliance of the stone.
At Hancocks the white diamond jewellery in platinum or white gold settings may have a deep or shallow cut when applicable. They will also offer a medium cut for the more brilliant stones. The staff available at Hancocks Jewellers examines each diamond in their holdings for the best cut. Each creation has an appropriate amount of claws to ensure the white diamond or other gemstone remains in place. The bespoke fine jewellery at Hancocks Jewellers may be a mixture of brilliant diamonds and emeralds, sapphires, or even rubies. The eternity rings are typically both white diamonds and coloured gemstones to bestow a select appearance from wedding sets.