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Why is a Tennis Bracelet Called a Tennis Bracelet?


Why is a Tennis Bracelet Called a Tennis Bracelet?

Tennis bracelets, also known as eternity or diamond line bracelets, have been a jewellery essential for well over 30 years. They are made up of many gemstones, commonly diamonds, which are set side by side, creating a perfect ring around the wrist. Now, you may wonder how this elegant staple of modern fashion coined the name “tennis bracelet”. Well, wonder no more! We have all the facts, history, and reasoning behind the name of this iconic piece.

It all started with a tennis player named Chris Evert, who had a great tennis career from 1972 to 1989. She was well known for her skills on the court and at her peak, she was the number one tennis player in the world. In 1987, Chris was playing in the US Championships, where she wore her diamond line bracelet during the match. Amid the game, the clasp of her bracelet broke, and the accessory was launched from her wrist into oblivion! Evert then requested for the match to be suspended as she searched for her diamond bracelet.



This event gathered significant recognition and from this, the diamond line bracelet became commonly known as the tennis bracelet. Jeweller George Bedowi picked up great traction in the jewellery scene immediately after this day, creating bracelets with handset diamonds and secure clasps.

After Evert, many tennis players have worn tennis bracelets during their games. One famous example is from 2002 when Serena Williams sported a $29,000 Harry Winston bracelet! The design is light, comfortable, flexible, and less intrusive than normal bracelets, making it perfect for athletes or those who live active lifestyles.


How to pick the perfect tennis bracelet for you

Whether you live an active or sporty lifestyle, or simply fancy a break from heavy, uncomfortable bangles, a tennis bracelet is perfect for you. It is essential to choose a bracelet that fits perfectly. If it is too loose, it may snag and cause discomfort. If it is too tight, it may pinch or stretch, causing permanent damage to your jewellery. The perfect fit is essential.

It is also a good idea to choose a design which features a safety clasp, ensuring your bracelet stays glued to your wrist, saving your precious diamonds from another Chris Evert moment! Luckily, most tennis bracelets nowadays will feature this safety clasp.

Here are 5 of our favourite tennis bracelets

Platinum Diamond Set Line Bracelet

With a single row of stunning brilliant cut diamonds, this platinum tennis bracelet is sure to add sparkle to any occasion! Each diamond is mounted in a glamourous 4-claw setting, creating this sleek and sophisticated bracelet.


Sapphire and Diamond Line Bracelet

This bracelet features brilliant cut diamonds alternated between strong, round cut sapphires. Each stone is set in an 18ct white gold claw setting, making this line bracelet a delightful way to add a splash of colour to any outfit!

18ct Yellow Gold Brilliant Cut Diamond Bracelet

Mounted in 18ct yellow gold 3-claw settings, this heavenly design features a single line of brilliant cut diamonds completing this eye-catching piece. The yellow gold is the perfect touch of colour to make each diamond stand out!


Oval Cut Emerald and Diamond Bracelet

Set with rich oval cut emeralds, contrasted by the bright white brilliant cut diamonds, this piece is a showstopper! All of which are secured in a handcrafted 18ct yellow gold claw mount, allowing each stone to shine at its fullest.


18ct White Gold Ruby and Diamond Bracelet

This accessory features 4 striking blood-red rubies, breaking up the rows of distinctive brilliant cut diamonds. Each is mounted in an 18ct white gold setting, bringing warmth to even the coldest of days!

ruby and diamond set bracelet