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Why Choose an Oval Cut Diamond Ring?

Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

So, why should you choose an oval cut?

Well, oval-cut diamond engagement rings – and rings – are a seriously stunning way to showcase some sparkle.

As a more contemporary interpretation of the classic brilliant round cut, oval diamonds have a sophisticated silhouette. That makes them the perfect choice to take centre-stage in a diamond engagement ring, or as a show-stopping gift to mark a milestone or occasion.

So whether you want to start a new collection, make a statement, mark a very special occasion, or simply increase your collection, Hancocks Jewellers can help.

Our selection of oval-shaped diamond rings can be customised to create a bespoke piece to cherish. All you have to do is simply choose your preferred setting and metal type to create a truly unforgettable piece.

Our reputation has been built over 150 years of providing our customers with exquisite oval-cut diamond rings in Manchester.

So when the time comes for you to choose your diamond ring – especially an oval cut – we’ll make this exciting experience as seamless as possible.

To make sure you’re fully clued up ahead of your visit or purchase, our expert team has put together this handy guide, with everything you need to know about this very special shape.

Here’s everything you need to know about oval cut diamond rings…

Versatile style: the perfect choice for an engagement ring

Are you on the market for an elegant and refined diamond engagement ring?

Consider an oval-cut engagement ring.

If you’re looking for a shape that captures all the natural beauty a diamond has to offer – but stands apart from traditional round cuts – then the oval’s elongated appearance could be your perfect match.

We often see this classic style passed down through generations as family heirlooms, giving your ring a sense of longevity often envied by other styles.

The oval ‘illusion’

As well as its stunning sparkle, the oval cut diamond has its own kind of magic.

It’s eye-catching shape also creates a universally flattering ‘lengthening’ effect on the hand – all while crafting the illusion of a larger diamond.

Of course, size isn’t everything – but just between us, wouldn’t it be nice to showcase a beautiful, slender diamond that appears much bigger than its real carat weight?

Whether they are set in trending 18ct yellow gold or platinum, our versatile oval-cut diamond engagement rings are a beautiful start to saying ‘I do.’

But where do you start if you’re looking to add an oval diamond to your collection?

We’ll cover some of the most commonly asked questions in the next few sections.

What is the ideal cut for an oval diamond?

If you’re considering an oval cut diamond, you want to make sure you’ve got the most beautiful stone possible.

Regardless of style or budget, our resident experts have some tips you’ll want to keep in mind as you browse our range.

Getting the right ‘oval shape’

Although an oval cut shape is flattering on every finger, make sure you opt for one that’s not too long or too squat. That way, you’ll get a diamond with maximum radiance, sparkle and minimal bow-tie effect.

Keep the bow-tie at bay

So what is the bow-tie effect?

Well, as the name suggests, this is a phenomenon in stones that can impact several diamond shapes and cuts – casting a ‘bow-tie’ like shadow throughout the stone’s middle section. This happens when light shines through and reflects off the facets of the stone, but is defused in a way that creates a noticeable shadow. On many occasions, this effect is minimal.

If you’d like more advice, we can help you with this during your appointment in-store at Hancocks Jewellers.

Finding the right ratio

As a general rule, the ideal oval diamond ratio is between 1.30 to 1.50.

But unlike other shapes, oval diamonds do not receive a cut grade. That’s why we recommend that you look for stones with stunning symmetry and excellent polish for super-crisp facets. That way, your diamond will fizz with sparkles when it catches the light!

Upmost colour and clarity

For oval cut diamonds – especially diamond engagement rings – you should choose between a VS2 to SI1 clarity.

This means that any inclusions will be minimal, going unnoticed to the naked eye, while offering considerable value.

As for colour, it’s important to first consider which metals you’d like your stone to be mounted and set within. At Hancocks Jewelers, we recommend:

  • Platinum: recommended D to G
  • 18ct yellow gold: between E to G

Our consultative approach can help you expand on the research in this guide and find the perfect oval diamond ring, with something for every budget.

Are oval diamonds less sparkly?

This is a question we often get asked – especially by our customers who are fellow magpies with an eye for shine!

In truth, traditional round-cut diamonds are the most sparkly shape. So if a good deal of refraction and shine is important to you, then that might be another choice to consider.

However, an oval-cut diamond ring still has a beautiful amount of sparkle.

Grading oval-cut diamonds: things to remember

As we mentioned earlier, oval-cut diamond does not receive a ‘cut grade’ from most grading laboratories – such as the GIA.

This only includes round cuts. In the case of oval-cut diamonds, the quality of the cut itself is what makes it sparkle, which is why picking an oval shape can take a little longer than traditional diamond shopping!

But don’t worry, we can help you make light work of the process. We’ll help you take a closer look at the stone’s symmetry grade – always go for Excellent – and polish you’ll need to look at the stone’s polish and symmetry grades.

We’ll also discuss your diamond’s table and depth percentages, which will also determine how sparkly your oval cut diamond ring will appear.

What does an oval cut ring mean?

In the absence of the harsh-lined pointedness of an edge or the confines or a regular circle, the oval is perfect for those who march to the beat of their own drum.

In terms of symbolism, the oval has close ties with the egg. Derived from latin, ov or ovum, which means egg, it has a long history with rebirth, immortality and fertility. Combined with the diamond itself, renowned for its beauty and durability, an oval-cut ring is a deeply romantic and sentimental choice.

Whether you plan to mark a special milestone for yourself or are picking it out as an engagement ring, an oval-cut diamond is a beautiful way to mark new and exciting beginnings.

Find Beautiful Oval Cut Diamond Rings For Sale in Manchester

1860 marks the date our doors first opened, and we have been helping customers find their dream oval cut diamond rings ever since.

Whether you need help choosing the right piece or a little assistance at every step of the buying journey, our in-store specialists are here to help. In Manchester, no one finds oval-cut diamond rings better than Hancocks Jewellers, with our exquisite showroom attracting people from far and wide.

We can help you find the ring that catches the eye, mind, and heart. Book an appointment today!