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Princess Cut Diamond Rings: The Ultimate Guide

Princess cut engagement ring

Princess Cut Diamond Rings: The Ultimate Guide

Dating back to the 1960s, the princess cut diamond engagement ring is still one of the most popular styles to this day. It’s not hard to understand why when it offers elegance, brilliance and modernity all in one beautiful cut.

This modern classic ring choice could be a beautiful symbol of you and your partner’s love story. If you’re interested in learning more about princess diamond cut engagement rings, you’ve come to the right place.

With over 150 years in the trade, Hancocks Jewellers can help find the perfect ring for you. Keep reading to learn more about diamond princess cut engagement rings.

What Are the Characteristics of a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring?


A princess cut diamond ring is shaped with clean lines, usually a square shape, though they can also sometimes be slightly rectangular. Despite their seemingly square cut from the top, they are shaped like inverted pyramids with chevron patterns on the underside.


The princess cut will usually have 50 to 76 facets, depending on how the diamond is cut. This means that it offers a splendid sparkle when reflected in the light. On a standard princess cut diamond, 57 facets are present:

  • 21 on the crown
  • 33 on the pavilion
  • 4 on the girdle


Classified as a brilliant style of cut and known as a square modified brilliant cut, this means that the princess cut engagement ring is designed for maximum sparkle.

Why Choose Princess Cut?

The princess cut diamond engagement rings are a popular choice for many couples including celebrities and even real-life royalty, Meghan the Duchess of Sussex. In fact, it is the second most sought-after engagement ring style after the round cut.

High Sparkle

Due to its numerous facets, princess cut rings are known for their high sparkle production, especially when light is reflected onto the ring. Its clean lines and sharp angles allow it to refract light with a show-stopping brilliance. If you’d like to attract attention to your ring whenever you walk into the room, then a princess cut diamond engagement ring is one to consider.

Clean and Modern Look

Princess cut engagement rings have a timeless appeal as they blend clean, sharp lines and brilliant sparkle. If you’re looking for a ring that has lots of sparkle then the princess cut diamond might be the stone for you. Due to its brilliant cut, the many facets allow it to really shine. Coupled with the angles and edges of the square shape of the stone, the princess cut gives a unique and modern look.

Larger Surface Area

The princess cut’s face-up surface area makes it appear that it’s larger than it actually is, regardless of the carat. If you have two different engagement rings of the same carat weights, for example, a princess cut and a round cut, the princess will appear bigger on your finger due to its diagonal measurements. This means that you can often get a larger princess cut engagement ring for your budget, which may come as a pleasant surprise.

Versatility of Settings

The shape of a princess cut diamond ring means it can be set in a wide range of settings, more on this later, making it an extremely versatile ring style. This isn’t always the case with other types of cuts, such as the delicate marquise cut which requires a protective setting to prevent damage.

What Makes a Beautiful Princess Cut Diamond Ring?

To have a truly magnificent princess cut diamond ring, the quality of the cut is important. There are several factors to consider when choosing your princess cut engagement ring, including the 4 C’s:

  • Colour – a colour grade of H or better is recommended for princess cut rings
  • Clarity – keep an eye out for SI1 (slightly included) or better clarity grade
  • Cut – precise angles and dimensions are key for maximum brilliance
  • Carat – this is often a personal preference, so you will need to find the right balance between quality and size of the carat

How Can a Princess Cut Ring Be Set?

As previously mentioned, princess cut diamond engagement rings can be set in a variety of ways, so you’re bound to find the ideal ring for you. Popular settings for this type of diamond cut include:


A solitaire setting offers an everlasting look to your princess cut engagement ring, a simple yet elegant setting that provides the best comfort with its snag-free finish.


A classic 4 claw setting secures the princess cut diamond in place, emphasising its sharp edges to bring out its brilliance.


Ideal as a protective setting that prevents damage, the bezel setting ensures the durability of your princess cut ring, as well as providing a sleek look.


Accent diamonds in a halo setting help to maximise the sparkle and shine of a princess cut diamond ring, making the centre stone appear even more dazzling.


Princess cut engagement rings in a 3-stone setting are nothing short of luxury. Symbolising your relationship’s past, present, and future, this setting offers a meaningful way to express your devotion to your partner.

Are There Any Drawbacks to a Princess Cut?

Sharp Corners

Due to its sharp corners, the princess cut is vulnerable to chips, especially for someone who might have a busy lifestyle and uses their hands a lot. When choosing a setting, you’ll need to consider how you can protect the diamond from chipping or other damage.

Less Forgiving to Inclusions

The princess cut diamond engagement ring is susceptible to visible inclusions or blemishes, meaning that imperfections may be more noticeable as a result of their faceted style. A higher clarity-grade diamond will be needed to counteract this drawback.

What Makes a Hancock’s Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring So Special?

Established in 1860, Hancocks has been serving the Manchester area for more than 150 years, delivering exceptional and unmatched services. We understand how important it is to have the right engagement ring for you and your partner, which is why we aim to make the journey an exciting and enjoyable one.

When you choose Hancocks, you receive:

  • One-of-a-kind natural diamond rings
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  • Excellent quality of customer service

Visit our Manchester showroom where our in-store specialists will be happy to show you the collection of princess diamond cut engagement rings we have available. They are also on hand to offer sound advice and guidance when it comes to finding a princess cut engagement ring that speaks to your heart, mind, and soul.

The perfect princess cut diamond ring awaits you at Hancock’s. Book an appointment with us today!