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Which Diamond Shape is Best for You?



The most exciting aspect of getting engaged is choosing the ring. Finding the truly perfect engagement ring should be exciting and trying different styles is the best way to decide what feels most comfortable on your hand. Fashion may come and go, but diamonds are very personal and the longest style commitment you’ll make, so it is essential that it is a true representation of yourself, from the gently curving corners of a cushion cut to the ice crisp facets of an emerald cut, Hancocks can help you make the right decision. Take a look at our handy diamond guide here.

Emerald Cuts


One of the oldest of cuts which most follows the natural crystal shape of a diamond. Rectangular in shape but with cut corners, the large table facet of the emerald cut means that inclusions are more likely to be seen with the naked eye, so quality is very important. The love of geometric shapes in the Art Deco period made this a very popular cut and would suit lovers of the vintage style.

Brilliant Cuts


The most classic of cuts, designed to reflect light from each of its 57 facets the angle of which has been calculated to give maximum sparkle and fire from a brilliant cut diamond. This will always be a favourite cut if you are looking for a timeless and elegant engagement ring. A three  carat diamond was chosen for the engagement ring of Princess Elizabeth in 1947 and 71 years later reflects the perfect classic diamond of lasting love.

Princess Cuts


Next in sparkle to the brilliant cut, this beautiful stone combines the brilliance of a round cut with the unusual square shape of the princess cut, the best of both worlds. It is suited to  most styles of ring and works very well in an eternity ring. No matter the weight of the diamond, the glittering princess cut will always attract attention.

Oval Cuts


A slightly elongated variation on a brilliant cut, the oval cut is increasing in popularity as it retains all the diamond properties of life and fire but combines it with this unique shape. Most commonly used with in 3-stone rings but equally as stunning when set by its self. Leafing through the pictures of celebrity engagement rings the oval cut is fast becoming the favourite of the glitterati. 

Pear Cuts


The most feminine of all diamond shapes, stunning with out being too showy and the graceful curves of the pear cut marry the dazzle of a round brilliant with a marquise cut. This shape requires careful setting and the point is usually protected with a V-shaped claw. Shaped like a tear of joy, it is the prefect choice if you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated engagement ring.

Marquise Cuts


Great for creating the illusion of elongated hands the marquise cut is said to be inspired by the smile of the Marquise de Pompadour, Louis XV’s mistress. Also know as the Navette cut, french for little boat and it is important to choose a nicely proportioned diamond and traditionally they should be twice as long as they are wide. 

  Heart and Cushion Cuts


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