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What your jewellery says about your personality

Georg Jensen sterling silver Archive necklace

What your jewellery says about your personality

What you wear gives others an understanding of who you are. Whether you’re an electrifying extrovert looking to stand in the spotlight or you’re the mesmeric minimalist making a statement with smaller pieces, it will be evident in the jewellery you choose.

With that in mind, what impression do you give to others when you meet them? Do you make the right first impression at an important event? Let the experts at Hancocks Jewellers guide you through what it is your jewellery is saying about you.


Certain jewellery types are imbued with a sense of power.

Daring designs, such as mixed metals or sizeable sterling silver pieces, can signify to others that you’re a force to be reckoned with. These are perfect choices if you’re looking to get others on board with a point you’re making, whether it’s for business or in everyday life. 

Boasting brilliant, bold accessories such as this gorgeous Georg Jensen sterling silver Archive necklace indicates that you’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd. You’re likely one step ahead of the trend and are someone who others turn to for inspiration, whether it’s for fashion advice or on big decisions.

Georg Jensen sterling silver Archive necklace


If you often perfectly pair your jewellery together, you’re someone who soars when it comes to organisation. 

Adorning yourself in matching accessories, whether it’s dazzling diamonds or sparkling stones, gives the impression that co-ordination comes easily to you. It doesn’t come as a surprise when people turn to you for advice on organizing their affairs. 

This Black Tahitian Pearl and Brilliant Cut Diamond collection, consisting of a stunning pair of pearl studs and a single string of black and silver pearls, is perfect for your classy and categorised style. 

Black Tahitian Pearl and Brilliant Cut Diamond NeckletBlack Tahitian Pearl and Brilliant Cut Diamond Earrings

Life of the Party

Contrasting colours and eye-catching cuts may not be for everyone but for those who dare to make passersby stare, the results are incredible.

If you’re someone who doesn’t shy away from a mixture of gemstones and who understands the beauty of a unique cut, you’re also someone who people flock to at a party. Your extroverted nature and exciting collection of stories bleed through into your big and bold accessory choices, which will have a peacock effect on others.

This Aquamarine and Diamond pendant is the perfect embellishment for you, with two contrasting colours combining for a captivating finish. If you want to go one step further, pair the pendant with these stud earrings, which are equally as enticing. 


An abstract jewellery collection is often an intimate insight into an artistic mind.

Handcrafted pieces or intricate patterns that demand a second glance often hint that the wearer is an artist at heart. Jewellery that boasts brilliant detail, and can be awed over for hours, lets others know that the wearer appreciates the craftsmanship put into their pieces.

A sparkling yet sophisticated design is the perfect way to arrest the attention of those around you. This impressive graduated dress ring is dripping in diamonds and set in an abstract, eye-catching pattern. The intermittent spacing works to keep your attention, just like a true work of art.

Ultra Contemporary 

Minimalist pieces which take one showstopping highlight —  and run with it — often hint that the wearer is someone of contemporary taste. 

Those who savour a simple setting or flaunt effortless, uncomplicated designs tend to follow this theme throughout their lives. Whether it’s fine jewellery, garments or furniture, the lover of the contemporary finds joy in clean, curved lines and neutral tones.

Elegant designs like this 18ct white gold bangle make a statement with their smooth, consistent design. Finished with brilliant-cut diamonds in a fine-claw setting, the result is an understated, tasteful accessory.

Diamond set bangle

While these designs may hint at one aspect of your character, every person is unique. In turn, the jewellery you choose to wear defines your individual look. For more jewellery pieces that will allow you to personalise your aesthetic, shop our complete ‘for her’ collection.