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Top Tips For Finding the Perfect Diamond Ring in Manchester

diamond ring

Diamond rings are a thing of beauty.

So whether you’re choosing to buy this piece of bespoke jewellery to mark a very special occasion, gift it to someone special, or simply want to expand your collection – Hancocks Jewellers can help.

With over 150 years of expertise in selling the finest diamond rings in Manchester for our customers, we have outstanding pieces to suit all tastes.

But we know that luxury diamond ring shopping doesn’t happen every day – although we wish it could – which is why we’re here to make this exciting process as simple as possible.

While diamonds are best appreciated in person, you’ll want to make sure you’re fully informed on what to look out for ahead of your appointment with us.

That’s why our team has put together this handy guide with plenty of top tips on quality, colour, and style to keep in mind while searching for that perfect ring!

From shimmering princess cuts to striking three stone diamond rings, when you’re ready to look at our fine selection of diamond rings for sale in Manchester, book an appointment and visit our exceptional store.

But first, here’s what you need to know…

Diamond Rings at a Glance: The 4 C’s

If you’re in the market for a luxury item such as a diamond ring, we know it can certainly feel overwhelming!

To make shopping simpler, some things to keep in mind are ‘the 4Cs’, which are:

  • Cut
  • Colour
  • Clarity
  • Carat weight

To a jeweller, a combination of these factors determines a diamond`s relative rarity and value.

Diamonds that capture your eye and your heart

As helpful as the 4 C’s are, at Hancocks Jewellers we hand-select each of our natural diamonds to ensure each one sparkles with radiance – something that has to be admired in person, not just read on a sheet.

Our consultative approach can help you expand on the research in this guide and find the perfect diamond ring, with something for every budget.

A Diamond Ring For Every Occasion

Although they have been popularised as engagement rings, a diamond is something that can be gifted, given, or treasured for any occasion.

Many of our customers may choose to mark a particular milestone, such as special birthdays, anniversaries, or achievements with a special piece of jewellery – with a diamond making the perfect centrepiece!

Their timeless beauty makes them a stunning addition to any collection, with a range of styles that will speak directly to the wearer, or treasured for years to come as a family heirloom.

To start your journey, why not speak to a member of our team today?

Understanding Colour in Diamonds

When we think of diamond rings, the image of a sparkling, icy-coloured stone often springs to mind.

But did you know that this precious gem can come in multiple hues, with respective grading and scales depending on your choice of colour?

Diamonds can either be categorised as:

  • Colourless
  • Fancy-coloured

Fancy-coloured diamonds, such as yellow diamonds, are not graded on a scale like their colourless counterparts – which can be confusing!

Instead, they are graded in terms of ‘Fancy’, from Fancy Intense to Fancy Vivid, depending on how strong their yellow colouring is.

For clear diamonds, we work on a scale from D all the way to Z.

At Hancock’s Jewellers, that means we only stock the top 4 colour grades of natural diamonds in any of our pieces – giving you stones that appear bright, beautiful and ‘icy’.

These are deemed the best ones for stand-out sentimental pieces, such as engagement rings, thanks to their rarity.

Here at Hancocks Jewellers, we offer the most beautiful examples of natural diamonds. Each one is issued with a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or HRD (the Diamond High Council – Hoge Raad voor Diamant) certificate, ensuring authenticity of the highest standard.

That way, you know your luxury diamond ring is of incredible quality and durability, making it a piece that you can cherish forever.


Diamond clarity looks at the absence of blemishes, which are surface ‘irregularities’, and inclusions, which are ‘internal features’.

The way clarity is graded is on a scale from Flawless to Included.

A Closer Look at Carats

Carat is how we measure a diamond’s weight and how big the stone is – although two diamonds can appear wildly different, even if they have the same carats.

This is usually down to the cut and style of a diamond.

Carats are also used as a unit of measurement for other precious gemstones, such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies, often seen as ‘ct’ in listings.

Picking the Perfect Shape and Cut

Diamond shape refers to how a diamond is cut and its resulting style.

From ‘round brilliant’, the iconic look for timeless pieces such as engagement rings, to other ‘fancy shapes’ such as oval, princess cuts and more – each one has their own allure.

To truly show the natural characteristics found in a diamond, jewellers tend cut into two varieties of shapes:

Brilliant cut, to create extreme sparkle and step cut, to highlight a diamond’s clarity.

At Hancocks Jewellers, our team can offer you guidance on our wide range of luxury diamond rings for sale here in our Manchester store.

Our collection includes various cuts, including:

Princess cut

Also known as ‘square cut diamonds’, these are a beautiful square shape with striking 45 degree corners.

Oval cut

A beautiful take on a classic cut, this ‘fancy cut’ is becoming increasingly popular with those looking for a diamond ring that draws the eye.

Emerald cut

So named as the traditional cut for its namesake, diamonds take on a rectangular shape with chiselled step cuts for added sparkle.

Cushion cut

A firm favourite with starlets, celebrities and royalty alike, a ‘cushion’ diamond is a soft square cut with more rounded edges.

Marquise cut

Also known as ‘navette’, these are elongated and striking cuts that bring out a diamond’s natural shine.

Pear cut

This unique shape resembles a teardrop, making it a beautiful choice – with a touch of romance – for a luxury ring.

Radiant cut

This rectangular cut magnifies a diamond’s sparkle, creating a ‘fizzing, icy’ look that shines from all angles on the finger.

The Right Setting

Once you’ve chosen the perfect cut, colour and clarity, your diamond needs to take centre stage in the right setting.

Settings are the crucial metalwork that keeps your precious gem in the ring itself, protecting it against any nasty knocks or scrapes that might come your way.

Although choosing a setting type is usually more of a practical consideration, it also plays a big part in how your diamond ring will look and feel.

At Hancocks Jewellers, we offer bespoke rings crafted with handmade mounts and carefully created settings.

This ensures your piece is as lovely as the day you bought it, even decades later.


Jewellers use this setting to create a delicate look that ensures the diamond still gets plenty of light for maximum shine.

By using the metal ‘claws’ to hold the diamond in place, the gem is still held securely but shows as much of it off from multiple angles, making it a popular pick for those who love a bit of sparkle.


If you’d prefer a more delicate look, a grain setting is an intricate technique that holds the diamonds in a ring of small beads or ‘prongs’.

These are snugly held together, so are barely visible to the naked eye, making them a great choice for those who want a luxury ring with diamonds studded closely together.

Rubbed over

A favourite for those with more modern tastes, a ‘rub over’ setting holds the diamond in a smooth encasing of metal, often making the gem appear much bigger than it is.


Usually used for shoulder diamonds or eternity rings, a ‘channel’ setting comfortably holds the diamonds with metal either side – giving it that distinctive shine and shape.

Discover Incredible Diamond Rings For Sale in Manchester

Since the moment we first opened our doors in 1860, we’ve been helping people to find the bespoke diamond ring of their dreams.

To match you to your perfect piece, our in-store specialists are here to assist you at every step. With people coming to our exquisite showroom from far and wide, there’s no better place to find diamond rings in Manchester than at Hancocks Jewellers.

We can help you find the ring that catches the eye, mind and heart. Book an appointment today!