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Is the Size of Your Diamond Important?


Diamonds are praised for being beautiful, as well as sophisticated. We often think that a larger diamond means more affluence and power, but that is not necessarily true. The size of your diamond will be important to you. It is not always about the money it takes to purchase that diamond. It can also be about the quality of the cut, clarity, colour, and carats.

A larger carat diamond does not always mean it is more expensive. In fact the larger diamonds can be more difficult to manipulate into a pleasing cut, which reduces their quality. The amount of carats will not necessarily tell you the price of the diamond. Consider for a moment a 1.8 carat diamond and a 4 carat diamond. Logically you would think the 4 carat diamond would be more expensive and of better excellence. At the moment you are just considering carats, but what if we told you the cut of the 4 carat diamond is deep, and the 1.8 carat has a slimmer cut in a heart shape. This might change your opinion. A deeper cut on a diamond usually means it loses brilliance. It will not reflect the light as much as the shallower cut. This means it loses sparkle.
The clarity of the 4 carat diamond is magnificent. There are no inclusions in our example of the 4 carat. The 1.8 based on its cut also is without any damage inside the actual stone. The 1.8 carat is colourless the most popular diamond as is the 4 carat. Based on this information you would still find the 4 carat diamond is more, but you may find the 1.8 carat is only a few pounds difference. The size of your diamond will speak to the 4 C’s that rate diamonds. It is all four aspects that determine cost not just size.