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What Does It Mean to Have Certificated Diamond Rings?

1ct Single Stone Diamond Ring

Certificated Diamond Rings are diamonds, which have been through the diamond certification process. In fact all diamonds have to go through the certification process in order to be sold. In 1974 the European Gemmological Laboratory (EGL) was started. The laboratory will grade the various gems that come through their place. There are other labs that also do certifications, but none are considered as good as the European Gemmological Lab. This company has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, and other cities in Europe.

They tend to be ahead of other companies certifying diamonds because they continually look for new standards and equipment to meet the grading they need completed. Companies such as Hancocks Jewellers will buy only certificated diamonds to create their rings from. The certificated diamond rings Hancocks Jewellers sells are graded in a couple of ways. They are graded for colour and clarity before the diamonds are sent to Hancocks Jewellers to be designed. Once designed the cut and carats are then assigned to the certificated diamond rings. The certificated diamond rings are also marked as non conflict diamonds.

Before purchasing your fine diamond jewellery you want to ensure that it is the best piece for you and that it is of the quality you are paying for. There are some companies that sell diamonds without certifications. This is another reason that Hancocks Jewellers is one of the best places to get your white diamond jewellery.

Hancocks Jewellers ensures that their diamond rings are all certified. The certificated diamonds rings help take the guess work out of what you are actually buying. You know that when you purchase a white diamond ring from Hancocks Jewellers it will be everything you hope for. You also know that the small price to pay for the certification is well worth it.

There are a number of reasons why you should have certificated diamond rings in your possession. The certification will help you on the insurance. If the piece is lost, stolen, or damaged you have the certification to prove its real value, which can aid in recouping the losses. It can also help you establish how much insurance you will need.