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Manchester’s Oldest Jeweller

The are many jewellers in Manchester city centre. But only Hancocks Jewellers on King Street can actually claim to be Manchester’s oldest fine diamond jeweller. 2010 marks the 150th anniversary for Hancocks and this really is a special year to buy from Hancocks. If you are in the market for fine diamond jewellery whether it be an engagement ring or wedding bands or even just a special treat for a loved one Hancocks should always be at the forefront of your mind. Hancocks still move onwards and upwards with their designs but never stray too far away what many generations of customers have grown to love. Hancocks Jewellers believe that when you have such an important diamond as a Hancocks diamond that the very last idea for setting it would be to “over set” the diamond or diamonds in some cases by using a lot of platinum or gold in what some people would say is a fussy or too fancy setting. All of our diamond rings are set in a very classic and dateless design although each piece is individual and different in their own way. The one thing that remains is the fact that the diamond will always be the centre of attention.