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Manchester Engagement Ring Sales Booming As Covid Brings Couples Together

Manchester Engagement Rings

Since we emerged from the nationwide lockdown, Manchester engagement rings have seen a significant increase in sales. And this is no small change, but a noticeable rise of 30% more engagement ring sales than previous years.

Couples have had time to re-evaluate their relationships and have been reminded that life is short. The pandemic itself seems to have encouraged couples to move to the next step with their partners.

We see customer also shopping for engagement rings now because they can get back to organising holidays where they’re planning to propose, and typical proposals celebrating with friends and family have been able to go ahead again, too.

What’s been a surprise is that customer are happy to spend much more money on their engagement rings than pre-pandemic, with the average price increasing by more than 100%. And it’s not that prices in store here at Hancocks have increased, but that people are willing to invest more in their engagements rings and are opting for more expensive cuts and styles.

It seems that the zest for life and desire to have bigger and better engagements extends past the couple themselves, and parents are now more likely to contribute to the engagement ring cost than in the past. This goes hand in hand with the fact that many have been able to save money over the pandemic by not commuting, eating out as often or travelling.

The styles we’re choosing have shifted, too. Customers are now moving away from traditional diamond rings and instead opting for coloured gems. Engagement rings with emeralds have increased significantly after we re-opened in April 2021. In the first 6 months we’d beaten previous full-year sales and we can see that the appetite for emerald engagement rings is set to continue throughout the festive season.

But emerald stones are not the only rings with a coloured gem that has seen an increase in demand. We’ve also seen many more couples purchasing ruby engagement rings. As well as being July’s birthstone, rubies are a symbol of passion.

The classic sapphire ring made famous by Princess Diana is also a popular choice and selling well. We often have customers asking for this style when shopping in store, and we’ve seen this popularity continue since 2010 when Prince William proposed to the Duchess of Cambridge with Princess Diana’s sapphire and diamond ring.