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Maintaining Your Fine Diamond Jewellery


Once you have brought the perfect diamond ring, diamond necklace, diamond bracelet or diamond pendant home you will want to maintain the beauty and fire. The jewellers at Hancocks Jewellers have been helping their clientele preserve the beauty of their favourite pieces for centuries. You will need to look to the craftsmen at Hancocks for their quality services. Hancocks Jewellers has been taking care of the client from the beginning of the purchase process to the maintenance of your diamonds. You can feel perfectly comfortable that you will receive the same high standards of service from Hancocks Jewellers after you acquire your fine diamond jewellery.

You will want to protect the value of your fine diamond jewellery by having it checked periodically. The prongs on your white diamond ring or diamond bracelet should be attended to about every six months. While our craftsmen can be relied upon to match the diamond that you may have lost there is no need to have this situation arise. When you bring your precious diamond to our jewellers for inspection you will find the dedication to service is ongoing. While your diamonds are being inspected you can expect to have our professionals clean your diamond for you.
The brilliance and clarity of your fine diamond jewellery can be affected by our daily lives. The use of lotions on our hands and other products can affect the fire that first attracted you to your diamond. The experienced sale staff at Hancocks Jewellers will possess the knowledge needed to maintain the brilliance that drew you to the diamond. When you have purchased a high quality diamond you will want to ensure that nothing diminishes its value or beauty. Maintaining your fine diamond jewellery is a continuation of the fine service you will find at Hancocks Jewellers.