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The Gentleman Prefers Diamonds

for him cufflinks

Diamonds aren’t just for women anymore as the discerning male can wear diamonds as well. There are some beautiful selections from the designers at Hancocks Jewellers. Whatever you desire in a diamond cufflink can be found at Hancocks Jewellers. If you wish to find the perfect cufflink for your every need or mood then look no further. Hancocks Jewellers have several styles to choose from so that you can go to the office or go casual, it’s your preference.

The craftsmen at Hancocks Jewellers work with several different metals when designing their cufflinks. You can choose from gold, platinum or the new favourite titanium. You just can’t turn down a pair of eighteen carat gold cufflinks with mother of pearl and diamonds. It is the perfect complement to your evening attire. Stand out in a crowd when you place these diamond encrusted mother of pearl cufflinks into your perfectly tailored shirt.

If you are the type of man who likes to make a statement in his wardrobe choices you will find that at Hancocks Jewellery of Manchester there are many choices that will appeal to you. If you want to be a little traditional and have a touch of the contemporary in your designs then you will be pleased with the black onyx and diamond set of cufflinks. Hancocks again starts with eighteen carat gold and sets this off with a beautiful black onyx stone. Then set right in the heart of the black onyx is the brilliant twinkle of a round cut diamond. These exquisite cufflinks will be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe.

If you need a pair of cufflinks for everyday wear or for a casual getaway trip why not look at the white gold knot design cufflinks. You won’t find any diamonds within this design, but you will find a tantalizing set of cufflinks that will be noticed. The intricate knot design shows that you are comfortable wearing something a little out of the ordinary. The style and class that these cufflinks display will have heads turning in your direction.

Hancocks Jewellers have been serving the public for well over a hundred years. You can rely on their expert staff to help you choose the perfect pair of cufflinks for your needs or desires. If you have need of a diamond ring or a diamond bracelet you can be assured of finding the right one for you at Hancocks Jewellers as well. You can visit the store in Manchester of go online to for more styles to peruse.