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Should You Maintain Your Diamond Jewellery at Home?


Some maintenance guides will tell you cleaning your fine diamond jewellery at home is acceptable. We at Hancocks Jewellers believe that caring for your jewellery should be a professional job, but we do understand sometimes you can’t get to the store for cleaning. While it is better to have your fine diamond jewellery cleaned and inspected by a professional, we have some tips that might help you maintain your jewellery at home when needed.

The inspection process fine jewellery goes through checks to make certain the prongs have not been bent or loosened. If you own a loop you can check this for yourself, but it is still imperative that you have the jewellery designers at Hancocks Jewellers fix these issues. Once or twice a year you should have your fine jewellery cleaned and inspected by the professionals at Hancocks Jewellers.

At other times of the year you may decide to clean your fine jewellery. You will need an ultrasonic cleaner or you can clean the jewellery by hand. If you clean your fine jewellery by your hand you should use a very soft toothbrush. This will help to loosen dirt without damaging the jewellery. You don’t want to scrub the jewellery, but move the brush over the jewellery lightly a few times.

You will need a cleaning solution. It should be one part ammonia to six parts water. Once you have cleaned the jewellery make sure you rinse the ring carefully. As you can see cleaning your fine jewellery at home is a gentle job. To avoid losing your diamonds, damaging them, or otherwise damaging your fine jewellery it is recommended not to clean and maintain your fine diamond jewellery at home. Hancocks Jewellers offer a complimentary service cleaning to ensure your fine jewellery is always maintained correctly.