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King Street’s Christmas Market, Where Luxury Meets Festive Delight

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It definitely is the most wonderful time of the year! There is so much to enjoy during the festive period, whether that’s time spent with loved ones, twinkling lights, or cosy evenings. If you’re in Manchester this season, why not head down to the famous Christmas markets? Wander through the inspiring city and watch it light up before your eyes, grab a bite to eat, and then catch a break from the chilly air in our store. Being situated in the hustle and bustle of the King Street markets, getting some early Christmas shopping done couldn’t be simpler! And what could be a better end to a fabulous day than taking home a piece of sparkling jewellery to commemorate your trip?  

Before coming down, why don’t you check out what our store has to offer, for you to make your visit worthwhile? For those who didn’t catch our 2022 guide, then expect opulence, class, and of course, lots of diamonds!   

1.Rubbed Over Diamond Pendant 

This is an absolute beauty of a gift your companion would love. Let them wear a diamond that embodies you. Our delicate 0.30ct diamond pendant is the perfect everyday necklace to wear for any occasion. 

2.Oval Diamond Solitaire Ring 

Is a Christmas engagement on her list? There’s no better way to show your soulmate how much you love them than the gift of diamonds. An engagement ring is a forever thing so make sure you pick yours correctly. This beauty is £2,995. 


3.Yellow Gold Brilliant Cut Diamond Bracelet 

Simplicity is key. The twinkle of this bracelet sure does create excitement when wearing it and compliments a watch perfectly. This would be the perfect gift to end your Christmas day with. Priced at £6,995. 

4.18ct Yellow Gold Diamond Stud Earrings 

These studs offer an extraordinary charm in every way. Small, sleek, and stylish, sometimes little is more. Our gorgeous earrings are the ideal gift for an everyday wear or evening outing the opportunities are endless. Priced at £1,295. 

Whatever you choose, there is something for everyone. So come and find us on the corner of King Street where all the Christmas sparkle follows.