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Hancocks Jewellers Colour and Carats

HVI 24

The finest white diamond jewellery can be found at Hancocks Jewellers. This prestigious jewellery store has been an established part of Manchester since 1860. You will find the most impressive array of fine quality white diamond stones. The white diamond is considered to be the epitome of diamonds, the colour of diamonds is one part of the 4 C’s you should look for when purchasing fine jewellery.

The scale of colour in diamonds runs from the colourless quality of the white diamond to the other end of the spectrum of stones. The diamond can also possess a yellow colour and this would be graded according to a scale. The diamond guide runs from D through Z, this tells you the depth of colour in your diamond. The white diamond is considered a D, E or F on the guide or the most perfect of diamonds. These white diamonds are a rarity and you can expect to find the price of these beautiful stones accordingly. The cut, clarity and carat will also determine this as well. The exquisite jewellery that you can find at Hancocks Jewellery will surely include the white diamond. They will also show you many beautiful diamonds that are nearly colourless that will possess a truly breathtaking beauty.
There are many questions you may have when searching for the perfect diamond for yourself or your fiancé. Carats are always part of the diamond process. The fine craftsmen at Hancocks Jewellers will be able to help understand the importance of the carat when purchasing fine diamond jewellery. You may decide that the carat of the diamond isn’t as important as the cut, colour and clarity of the stone. You may find a more valuable diamond without a large carat weight. The carats of a diamond are determined by a method called points, one carat is one point. The sales staff at Hancocks Jewellers will be happy at assist the discerning buyer find the perfect choice for them.