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Fine Jewellery and Precious Coloured Gemstones

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You may be interested in the coloured gemstones instead of fine diamond jewellery. You will not be disappointed in your selection at Hancocks Jewellers. The discriminating client may also wish to combine a precious coloured gemstone with a white diamond. These settings can be a beautiful way to please the wearer who enjoys rubies, sapphires and emeralds. The decision to invest in fine jewellery is not one enters into lightly. There is a relationship that is established between the customer and the jeweller. The fine jewellers of Hancocks Jewellers are there to establish just such a bond.

The beauty of the traditional diamond ring or necklace can be enhanced with addition of a sapphire or ruby. The sparkle of the precious coloured gemstone will be a perfect accompaniment to the brilliant fire and ice of the perfect diamond jewellery. The perfect diamond pendant with a circle design could give the wearer many hours of enjoyment if it was alternated with a sparkling sapphire. The master jewellers at Hancocks Jewellers can design an entire set for the discerning customer. Imagine a diamond and sapphire ring, pendant or necklace and matching earrings. You can have the utmost confidence that the diamonds and precious coloured gemstones will be perfectly matched.
Rubies by themselves or again in a breathtaking setting with diamonds say I Love You when set in the shape of a heart. This is just one of the styles you might see when you visit Hancocks Jewellers. The perfect fine jewellery is awaiting you at the Manchester Hancocks Jewellers or you can also get a glimpse of the magnificent treasures you can purchase online.
Whether you decide to visit Hancocks Jewellers in person or do your shopping without leaving home you can always count on the professionalism of the sales staff. They will be able to answer any question you may regarding the fine jewellery that is displayed for your pleasure.