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Georg Jensen: A Silversmiths Journey to Iconic Jewellery

Georg Jensen Jewellery | Hancocks Jewellers

Georg Jensen was a renowned figure in the world of jewellery. At Hancocks Jewellers we adore his vintage style and unique flare that embody every piece. In our last blog, we revealed some of our favourite pieces from Jensen’s collection. Building on this appreciation, as he is a huge part of our Hancocks story, it is only right we tell you who exactly Georg Jensen is. This way, you can knowingly wear a piece of Georg Jensen history wherever you go. This year marks the 100th anniversary of Georg Jensen’s first store, which opened in 1924. So come along with us as we take you on a journey through the rich history of Georg Jensen.

Who is Georg Jensen?

Jensen was born and grew up in Raadvad, Denmark, and was the son of a knife grinder. Interestingly, he began his goldsmith training in Copenhagen at just 14, showing his innate passion for the trade. After his training ended, Georg’s passion only grew stronger furthering his skills by enrol at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied sculpture and then went on to study ceramics. Later in life, after becoming widowed with two sons, Jensen ran into some troubles trying to make it as a fine artist, so turned back to his roots, silversmithing.

As the pan-European Arts and Crafts movement embraced simpler materials, Jensen’s style found its niche, earning global admiration. From here, his career spiralled, and he opened silversmiths in Berlin, London. Capitalising on his success, Jensen went on to open his first independent retail store in the big apple, New York. Explore Georg Jensen’s stunning range here and see what all the fuss is about.

Georg Jensen Vivianna Archive Silver and Black Onyx Bangle | Hancocks Jewellers

Is Georg Jensen a Luxury Brand?

Most certainly yes! Every piece designed by Georg Jensen embodies a seamless blend of timeless luxury and style. As the largest retailer of Jensen jewellery in the UK, we handpick a plethora of different pieces that exude understated elegance. Not to mention, if you’re wanting to buy into a brand who champions ethical environmental awareness, then Georg Jensen is the designer for you! In recent years, the brand adapted to using recycled silver and gold in their jewellery. In 2021, Georg Jensen reported that 75% of their gold usage was recycled! As recycled silver becomes more readily available, this will shortly follow with a goal of using solely recycled materials by 2025.

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Celebrate 100 Years of Georg Jensen at Hancocks Jewellers

Investing in a piece of jewellery designed by the talented Georg Jensen isn’t just about acquiring a new piece to add to your collection. Each piece carries a huge amount of history crafted with timeless elegance and a commitment to sustainability. Whether you’re drawn to the Moonlight Grapes collection, each fashioned with little silver beads. Or the Reflect collection, a selection inspired by chunky contemporary silvery. We will have something that suits your style and preference. Come into store today and explore our carefully curated selection. Experience the world of contemporary jewellery for yourself.