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Diamond Bracelets to Compliment Your Style

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When a women dresses for an evening out there are several facts that are needed in order to dress appropriately. There are also several pieces of jewellery that will be carefully selected to compliment the dress of the evening. Typically a set of earrings, necklace, rings, and bracelet are needed to great the proper look.

Diamond bracelets are a wonderful compliment to any dress, even if other pieces of jewellery are forgone. The most popular style of diamond bracelet for any fine jewellery connoisseur will be the tennis bracelet. The tennis diamond bracelet will offer diamonds in a superb setting, equidistant from each other. They will surround every inch of the diamond bracelet, except for the tiny clasp used to secure it.
Tennis bracelets are not the only diamond bracelets you can choose from. You also have white diamond bracelets with a white gold rather than yellow gold setting. Occasionally even platinum is used for a diamond bracelet. Options for diamond bracelets are almost endless and one very interesting creation at Hancocks Jewellers is the diamond and emerald bracelet. The emeralds in this diamond bracelet are over 3 carats for a combined weight of almost 9 carats. The diamonds are in a baguette style, with a square cut emerald. The emeralds of the diamond bracelet are in a pattern one emerald for every three diamonds. The emeralds offer a bit of colour to the white diamond bracelet, making it fine jewellery to be coveted by all.
When choosing a diamond bracelet for complimentary purposes to your outfit you still need to be concerned with the type of clasp offered. Many diamond bracelets come with an easy to use clasp, which allows one end to slip in the other and lock in place. This clasp is the strongest next to the standard jewellery clasp.