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A Beautiful Bespoke White Diamond Engagement Ring

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A ring is the outward sign of our eternal love for each other. When you enter through the portal of Hancocks Jewellers of Manchester you will find some of the most exquisite bespoke white diamonds in the world. They will make the most incredible diamond ring for your beloved.

The perfect bespoke white diamond engagement ring can be accompanied by a gold, white gold, platinum or titanium setting. The choice will be yours for you are the one that knows your loves taste the best. The craftsman at Hancocks Jewellers have been designing engagement and wedding bands for over a hundred years. The knowledgeable staff are there to provide you, the discriminating buyer, with a memorable experience.

Mythical Gods and king’s were the first to wear the jewels that we take for granted today. Why not shower your love with a magnificent pear shaped diamond ring in a white gold setting. She will feel divine when you place this beauty upon her finger. You will indeed be a god in her eyes with this resplendent radiance.

You can show her she is a princess when you choose the eighteen carat gold, three stone diamond ring. The centre stone is a princess cut 1.58 carat with accompanying brilliant cut diamonds to complete to enchantment. The clarity of the diamonds will match the sparkle in her eyes.

A diamond engagement ring that will shoot sparks into the air is possible when you shop at Hancocks Jewellers. Place this circle of white gold and pave diamonds on her left hand and the world will become brighter. The exquisite bespoke white diamond ring rivals the sun in its dazzling aura.

Hancocks Jewellers will present traditional, modern and unique options to you in a diamond engagement ring. You may look at the many selections available online at The world of diamonds is your to behold when you want to present her with a truly exceptional bespoke white diamond engagement ring.