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How To Style Tennis Bracelets for Wimbledon 2023

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With thrilling tennis matches, lively conversation, and the famous strawberries and cream, Wimbledon offers something for everyone. Whether you’re attending in person or watching from home, what better way to celebrate this occasion than with a stunning tennis bracelet? Today, we’ll showcase our top-selling tennis bracelets and provide tips on how to style them.

How did the tennis bracelet acquire its name?

For those who didn’t catch our last post on why a tennis bracelet is called a tennis bracelet, this bracelet received its name in 1987 from tennis legend Chris Evert. Evert lost her diamond bracelet mid-match, causing the game to stop. When questioned about her bracelet, Evert referred to it as her ‘tennis bracelet’ and from there the name stuck.

How to style a tennis bracelet

Even after 35 years, the tennis bracelet is a popular piece of jewellery that encapsulates pure sophistication. They can be styled in many ways and as a luxury jeweller, at Hancocks, we have the ultimate collection of diamond tennis bracelets.

1 – Fine 18ct Yellow Gold Diamond Bracelet – £5,495

To start the list, this simple yet sophisticated tennis bracelet is perfect for our lovers of yellow gold. Featuring 2.05ct of diamonds, this stunning bracelet is a perfect addition to any outfit. Why not try pairing our Yellow Gold Diamond Bracelet with other pieces of yellow gold jewellery to really amplify your look. We have a beautiful selection of yellow gold bracelets which would be a perfect match here.

2 – Platinum Brilliant Cut Diamond Set Bracelet – £9,750

For our platinum lovers, this timeless and classic Platinum Brilliant Cut Diamond Set Bracelet is perfect. Being set with 5.12ct of diamonds, this bracelet is sure to stand out in the crowd. Try styling this bracelet with any of your everyday outfits for a glamorous touch. Whether you are wearing jeans and a blouse or a dress, this bracelet will tie together any look in an elegant way. Check out our other platinum tennis bracelets here.

3 – Sapphire and Diamond Line Bracelet – £5,395

Why not add a pop of colour to your look? This twist on a classic tennis bracelet seems to be the new trend! Our Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet would be the perfect addition to add some colour to an all-white outfit. Or maybe you could pair it with a platinum watch! Whether you wear them both on the same or different wrists, our beautiful sapphire and diamond line bracelet will add the extra sparkle to ensure you stand out in any crowd.