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Is home owners insurance enough protection?

Multi Coloured Pearl Necklet

When you purchase you fine diamond jewellery from a respectable jeweller such as Hancocks Jewellers you can expect to receive a certificate explaining every detail of your purchase. This should include the estimated value, any minute flaws in the stone, the carats and colour. This information is invaluable should anything happen to your fine jewellery. The home owners policy that you have on your home should include a clause on personal belongings and this is where you would have coverage for your jewellery. However, if you have purchased very high quality jewellery such as that sold at Hancocks Jewellers you may find that this coverage is inadequate.

When choosing a diamond ring that is worth more than a certain amount you may find that you won’t be compensated by the insurance company. There are limits that occur on your regular homeowners policy. If your jewellery has gone over that preset amount you may not be covered. Your insurance representative can help you ascertain if this is something you need to be concerned with.

When you purchase a beautiful platinum band single stone ring with a 1 carat heart shaped diamond with excellent colour and superior clarity from Hancocks Jewellers you want to be sure you are covered. Accidents can happen and you will want to be prepared just in case. When you have your jewellery inspected on a regular basis from Hancocks Jewellers you can be sure that no problems exist with the jewellery itself. This would open up the possibility of a theft or damage beyond your control to your fine jewellery. If you have checked with your insurance company you can be aware of any problems that could arise from be underinsured. When looking for beautiful fine jewellery be sure to check on line at or visit their fine store on King Street in Manchester.