Few events are quite as glamorous as a film premiere. When the red carpet is rolled out, the eyes of the world gaze on as beautiful film stars dazzle in designer dresses and show off their perfectly styled hair and makeup.

But despite the stunning dresses and gliterrati entourages, the veterans of the red carpet know there’s one thing no red carpet outfit is complete without: the perfect piece of jewellery.   

Stars have worn items by many different jewellers in front of the cameras at some point. Few designs, however, have been quite as popular amongst the elite as these exclusive additions to the Hancocks collection. They’ve been endorsed by the likes of Rachel McAdams, Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez thanks to their unique designs and their expert craftsmanship.

So, if you take your inspiration from the worlds biggest stars, we can help you get that iconic red carpet look for your special occasions. Here are some great examples of how our favourite celebrities have accessorised their outfits with Royal jewellery — and how you can do it, too.

Julie Bowen — Sapphire and diamond drop earrings

American actress Julie Bowne has become iconic in her role as Claire Dunphy in hit American sitcom Modern Family. And she knows how to look like an icon on the red carpet, too.

We love how she’s used these illustrious 14ct white gold Sapphire and diamond drop earrings to channel that enchanting ageless look for which she’s renowned.

How to get the red carpet look: You can highlight the glow of these sapphires by pairing them with the right colours. Their dark blue hue works well with a complementing onyx black or midnight blue dress, or — if you’re feeling bold — embrace the contrast with some bright orange. When worn confidently, these illustrious earrings will make you the star of the show.

Zendaya — Morganite and diamond stud earrings

American actress and singer Zendaya has quickly become a fan-favourite in her role as Mary Jane alongside Tom Holland in Marvel’s web-slinging romp Spiderman: Homecoming. Her fame rose even further after the success of feel-good musical The Greatest Showman — and her red carpet look confirms she’s worthy of the silver screen.

Sporting delicate yet refined morganite and diamond stud earrings, Zendaya wears this subtle outfit addition perfectly. This look is self-assured; feeling no need to boast, it simply breathes elegance.

How to get the red carpet look: These exquisite stud earrings go particularly well with a bateau neckline dress because they won’t draw attention away from your collarbone. You can accentuate them even further with a sleek collarette necklace but remember: less is more.

Rachel McAdams — Diamond ring set trio

Canadian actress and activist Rachel McAdams was Hollywood’s ‘it girl’ in the 2000s. Since then, her roles in hit movies like Midnight in Paris, About Time and Oscar-winning drama Spotlight have made her a household name — and taken her to so many red carpet events it’s hard to keep count. If anyone knows how to nail the runway look, it’s her.

Here, she dons a gorgeous rose gold trio diamond ring from our new Trio collection. The trio style excels at bringing a sense of variety and glamour to her outfit, a stunning gown that’s bold without being gauche.

How to get the red carpet look: The ‘wow’ factor of this eye-catching ring is its sense of variety. And while variety is the spice of life, it’s best used sparingly in your premiere outfit. We recommend using monochrome colours: a black sheath or lace dress can help draw attention to the tiered colours that burst from this intricate piece.

Aisha Tyler — Morganite and diamond drop earrings

Aisha Tyler isn’t only an American actress, comedian, director and talk show host. She’s also a master of red-carpet grace. Her exquisite taste in jewellery is evident in many of the outfits she’s modelled over the years, from her days in hit TV crime dramas CSI and Criminal Minds to her recent success on US talk shows.

Tyler has learned how to embody elegance both in the characters she plays and in the time she’s spent in front of audiences, and she knows how to make her accessories work for her, too. We love the way she sports this pair of gold morganite and diamond drop earrings with a pastel lace dress and strapless neckline.

How to get the red carpet look: Pairing these earrings with a low neckline and light pastel fabric as Aisha has done works well, but if you want to mix it up, a high neckline will highlight your face and give length to your neck. You’ll feel elegant and glamorous, giving you the confidence you deserve.

Jennifer Lopez — Aquamarine and diamond cluster ring

She might still be ‘Jenny from the block’, but she dresses like royalty. American actress, singer, dancer and producer Jennifer Lopez really knows how to tie together a look with a great mix of contemporary and classic ring styles. She’s able to effortlessly transition from high street to high fashion because she chooses highly adaptable pieces like this gorgeous 14ct aquamarine and diamond cluster ring.

This ring is uniquely enchanting, emulating an heirloom quality that is incredibly on-trend at the moment. J-Lo matches her ring with a sleek turtleneck — and pulls it off flawlessly.

How to get the red carpet look: This beautiful diamond cluster ring captures all the opulence of diamonds without the harshness of a classic single diamond-set ring, so embrace that. Pair it with lighter dresses and colours — a casual maxi dress will do excellently. It’s relaxed style giving you plenty of opportunities to experiment, so have fun with it!

The best part about getting your red carpet look with these exquisite pieces is that they’re available right here at Hancocks Jewellers. Shop the range today and add a touch of classic Hollywood glamour to every outfit.