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Whats new for Autumn

With the evenings getting longer and the day light hours at a premium, why not take a look at some of our gemstone pieces, to inject a bit of colour to brighten your outfits.

Fiery Rubies

H081122 16 Oval Ruby Andradiant Cut Diamond 3 Stone Ring Hancocks Jewellers Manchester

Ruby is one of the most vibrant gemstones and perfect for setting in 18ct yellow gold, the warmth from the gold really brings out the natural fiery tones from the ruby. This ruby and radiant cut diamond three stone ring has a very contemporary feel with it unusual radiant cut sides. The fiery red tones of a very fine ruby contrasting with the sparkle and fire from the diamonds, perfect as an engagement ring or dress ring to celebrate those precious milestones in life.

Multi Coloured Sapphires

PRIORITY 13 Rose Gold Multi Coloured Sapphire Bracelet

Looking for more colour this October, sapphires are naturally found in many colours although it is traditionally the blue colour we associate with this beautiful gemstone. Fine jewellery made from many colours of sapphires is very popular and this sapphire bracelet with a line of brilliant cut sapphires that graduate in colour through greens, to purples, pinks and oranges to give you the perfect balance of colour , mounted in 18ct rose gold.

Autumn ProposalHC 115a 002

Coloured gemstones are very often given as engagement rings because of their hardwearing properties they are a stone that can be worn everyday with out fear of damage. This stunning rectangular cut sapphire, echoing this unusual shape with two emerald cut diamonds on either side is very elegant and its web fit design makes it perfect to sit next to any of our weddings bands.

Add Colour with Yellow Diamonds

DSC 0215 Copy


Again looking at the more unusual gemstones, Yellow diamonds can add colour to any diamond piece. Their rare beauty radiates warmth as well as showing all the sparkle and fire we associate with diamonds. Using over eight carats for Fancy Yellow diamonds mounted in a white and yellow gold setting the stunning yellow diamond bangle with not disappoint.

White Gold Emerald Pendant

AH 56 Emerald And Diamond Pendant

Emerald is one of the most important coloured gemstones and pieces that show a strong vivid colour and high clarity are very sort after. For the sophisticated wearer this elegant pendant with a duo of oval cut emerald surrounded by a diamond halo with diamond detail to the bale would complement any Autumn wardrobe.

Emerald and Diamond Studs

DSC 0251copy

Finally if you are looking for the prefect gift with colour. These round cut emerald stud earrings mounted in an 18ct yellow gold with a star shaped brilliant cut diamond halo surround. priced at £1725 are new in and available for you to view with any of our collection at our Kings Street Store. Please contact us if you would like any more details.