Nestled in between the unique cobbled streets of Copenhagen, there is a place that has been designing some of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery for over a century. This prestigious brand goes by the name of Georg Jensen.

Hancocks are fortunate enough to bring some of this classic Danish style back to Manchester with their collection of the innovative brand’s finest products. Although these items run across a range of different styles, the meticulous attention to detail is apparent in every single one of their products. We have had a wonderful relationship with the brand for many years and are always thrilled to showcase our favourite new products. You can discover the full history of Georg Jensen in our previous blog post.

As we head into winter, our heads are filled with images of crisp white snow, sparkling raindrops and beautiful stars twinkling in a clear night sky. Inspired by the Art Nouveau trend, Georg Jensen’s designs are infused with distinctive flowing forms and the kind of shapes that you’d expect from a talented former sculpture like himself.

Here are some of our favourite products from the Georg Jensen range.

Silver Aria cube earrings

Product 4Although Georg Jensen jewellery is elegant, it is also incredibly adaptable. These silver cube earrings are a perfect example of how versatile the Danish designs are, as you could wear these stunning studs for any occasion. Style doesn’t have to be complicated and these earrings certainly prove that.

Georg Jensen Sunflower silver diamond set pendant

Product lead 3

Brighten up your life with this delicate silver sunflower pendant. The simplicity of this design is typical of the designer’s style, as he was fascinated by the wonders of nature and the beauty of flowers. Carefully made with smooth silver petals and a sparkling centre of diamonds to instantly inject your outfit with a burst of sunlight, this piece of jewellery is as easy on the eyes as it is to incorporate it into your everyday look.

Georg Jensen Smithy silver hammered effect bangle

Alt: Georg Jensen Smithy silver hammered effect bangle at Hancocks

A truly unique piece of men’s jewellery, wear this on your wrist and you are sure to attract the admiring gaze of everyone around. The delicate silver is finished with a hammered effect synonymous with the Smithy team, which represents the luxury materials and brand heritage, while the stylish silver tones reflect the purity of the design.

Georg Jensen Alliance silver double ring

Alt: Georg Jensen Alliance silver ring at HancocksJewellery is an art form and this ring is certainly no exception. Two flowing pieces of silver have been interwoven by hand to create an eternal design to wrap around your finger. Worn alone as a statement piece, or accompanied by a handful of other delicate silver accent rings, the Alliance ring will quickly become the go-to piece in your jewellery collection.

Georg Jensen Moonlight Blossom Brooch

Georg Jensen brooch at Hancocks fine jewellers

As the cold weather approaches, it’s likely you’ll be wrapped up in a warm coat more frequently. That doesn’t mean that you can’t wear some beautiful jewellery with your outerwear though. Take this lovely Georg Jensen Moonlight Blossom brooch, which is taken from the original designs made by the designer more than a century ago. The delicate piece is decorated with beautiful natural imagery, with swirling silver weaves entwining around vibrant blue moonstones for a rare and vintage-inspired piece of jewellery.

These are just five of many pieces from the wonderful Georg Jensen collection; discover many more by browsing the whole range here. Or visit our Manchester store and allow our expert staff to guide you through the world of Jensen.